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Welcome to DAO DAO

DAO DAO is a DAO that builds DAOs. We build powerful, open source, DAO tooling.

Why DAOs?

DAOs are programmable organizations with easily inspectable states. DAOs can help govern everything from an Internet community of dogs to the development funds of entire blockchains.

Because DAO DAO DAOs operate on a blockchain, they are transparent by default. This means that votes, the voting power of members, and actions a DAO takes are all publicly auditable. This can help provide trust that DAO members are being good stewards of their communities.

The programmability of DAOs makes them extremely flexible. DAO DAO is designed as a set of composable components that can snap together like Lego blocks. Communities can pick and choose pre-built governance components to build a system that works well for them, or they can program their own.

Any kind of institution can be represented as a DAO. You can launch a business or an investment group, found a school, or create a popular assembly for your local community. Our hope is to build a platform where the challenges of community formation are social, not bureaucratic.


DAO DAO helps you build and operate DAOs with a visual interface. Usability and accessibility are a priority. Technical and non-technical communities alike have a space here.

DAOs on DAO DAO do everything from helping run blockchains and decentralized exchanges to building communities of people who like dogs.

DAO DAO DAOs are IBC enabled. This means that your DAO on Juno can manage protocols and hold assets on any IBC-enabled chain.

Where do I begin?

If you want to get started building a DAO, check out our Quickstart guide.

If you want to understand more about IBC, DAOs, and how all of these pieces fit together, see What does DAO DAO do?