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Upgrading a multisig

To upgrade a beta multisig to a v1 multisig:

  1. Create a new proposal.
  2. Press the "Add Component +" button and select the "🦢 Upgrade to V1" template.

The template will then walk you through the steps to migrate to your new V1 multisig. After you fill out the template, make sure to double check that the new multisig is configured correctly.

A good way of testing that your new multisig is correct is to make a new proposal in the new one called "Acceptance of V1 multisig". Then, have members vote on the proposal. If everyone votes and the proposal passes, its a good sign that your multisig is configured correctly.

Why upgrade

By upgrading from beta to V1 you'll continue to receive new feature releases from DAO DAO and start using audited smart contracts.

The beta frontend and contracts will eventually be moved to and stop receiving new feature releases.