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Manage your treasury

As your book club grows and flourishes, you'll likely want to manage its treasury.


Thanks to the magic of IBC, your DAO's treasury can even hold tokens beside your DAO's native governance tokens. Your DAO can hold ATOM, JUNO, STARS, or anything else that supports IBC!

Send your treasury some tokens

If you have a look at your treasury now, you'll see that it contains the 100 $BOOKC we minted it earlier.

You have 50 $BOOKC you still haven't staked. Why not give your remaining $BOOKC to the treasury?

Find your DAO's treasury address

Navigate to your DAO's treasury and have a look at your token balances.

You can find it in the URL bar of your browser. For example, the URL might be

That means your DAO's address is juno1e60296hjhs06648c7qu7cqau80hcwqvuksnjzhjry82v9udf9yts8ht7pq.

Send your treasury some tokens

From your Keplr wallet, send that address some of your tokens.