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Joining a token-based DAO

The DAO we previously created was not a token based DAO. While you're using DAO DAO you are likely to encounter DAOs that are token based. This page walks through that process.

To join a token based DAO you must "register to vote" by staking your governance tokens with the DAO. Once you are registered to vote you can vote on all future proposals, but you cant go back and vote on proposals that were created before you registered.

To register to vote, visit your DAO's page on DAO DAO and look in the right sidebar:

From here you can press the "Stake tokens" button and a modal will appear asking how many you'd like to stake:

By staking your tokens, you are registering those tokens for voting. Any tokens you do not stake won't count towards your voting power. If you want your votes to matter as much as possible, you'll likely want to stake all of them.

There are some situations where you may not want to stake all of your tokens. For example:

  1. Some DAOs require that some tokens are deposited to create a proposal. If you plan on making a proposal, you may leave one deposit worth of tokens unstaked.
  2. Some DAOs have an unstaking duration, defined as the amount of time you must wait after unstaking your tokens before those tokens are available to you. If you are holding tokens in a DAO with a non-zero staking duration, and you think you may want to sell or trade those tokens quickly in the future, you may consider leaving some tokens unstaked.