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Create your first DAO

For this tutorial, we'll make a DAO for your reading group. This will let folks in your reading group vote on which books to read, organize money for snacks, and so on.

To keep things cheap, we'll do everything on the Juno testnet. These testnet tokens have no value, and you can get some for free in Juno's Discord. More on that in a moment.

Install Keplr

To use DAO DAO you'll need a wallet. A wallet is your digital identity on the blockchain. DAO DAO uses the Keplr wallet. You'll need to install that before getting started.

Once you've installed Keplr you'll need to create an account. To do this open the Keplr extension by pressing the puzzle piece icon in the top right of your browser and clicking on the Keplr logo. Once you do that you'll be directed to a page where you can create a new account.

Make sure to store your seed phrase somewhere only you'll be able to find it.

If you'd like a video walkthrough of this DAO DAO member @case has made a nice one you can find here.

Connect your wallet

To make your first DAO, head to and connect your Keplr wallet by pressing the connect wallet button in the top left.

Get some $JUNOX

To get some $JUNOX (testnet $JUNO), join the Juno Discord and put your Juno address in the #faucet channel by sending a message in the form $request <your address>. A bot should airdrop you enough $JUNOX to follow this tutorial.

You can get your Juno testnet address by pressing the copy icon on the wallet display in the DAO DAO sidebar once you're connected.


We'll stick to the testnet for this tutorial. But, once you're ready to build a real DAO, you'll need some mainnet $JUNO. (The mainnet version of DAO DAO is deployed on the Juno chain). You can get Juno on Kraken, or on a decentralized exchange like Osmosis or Junoswap.

Create a DAO

Navigate to the DAO creation page on testnet (or on mainnet, if that's your thing). You will see the basic configurations for your DAO.

Name and describe your DAO

Every DAO has a name and a description. These will be displayed in the DAO DAO UI and on the chain. These don't need to be unique.

Let's create a DAO called "Bookclub." We'll make our DAO a membership based DAO (as opposed to a token-based DAO, in which voting weight is allocated via governance tokens, which act as fungible shares).


To learn more about the differences between membership- and token-based DAOs, read our documentation here.

Add the initial menbers

Now we can add the initial members of our DAO. If you're making this DAO with friends, add their Juno addresses during this step. Otherwise, you can start the DAO with only yourself and add new members via proposals later.


To find your Juno address, open Keplr, press the dropdown at the top and select "Juno Testnet", and click on your address to copy it to your clipboard.

Create DAO

You'll notice some additional configuration here as well. You can read about those voting configurations if you like. For now, we'll accept the defaults for now and create our DAO!

Go ahead and press "Create DAO." If you see an error here, please make sure that you have some $JUNOX in your testnet wallet.

Keplr will ask you to approve the transaction. Approve it.

🎉 Congratulations! You've made a DAO! 🎉

Continue on to learn how to manage it.