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Governance proposals

Governance proposals are how DAOs change their state. Governance proposals are composed of three components: a title, a description, and proposal messages.

Proposal messages are where things get interesting. Proposal messages are "transactions" that will get executed if the proposal is passed. As a simple example: a proposal message could pay a contributor.


The word "transaction" above may be a little confusing if you're new to blockchains and smart contracts. Transactions on a blockchain are what update the chain's state. They can do all sorts of things. For example a transaction can:

Truly, anything that you can do on a blockchain you can do automatically and via governance with DAO DAO.


This is the human-readable title of your proposal. It will appear in voting screens.


This is the human-readable description of your proposal. You can use Markdown syntax for rich formatting.

Proposal Actions

Proposal actions are actions that execute when the proposal passes. These actions let you do things like mint new governance tokens, spend from the shared treasury, and more.

DAO DAO has a number of predefined action templates which mean that, for the most part, you can create proposals without needing to actually write out the transactions that you'd like executed should it pass. If you're doing something custom, you can always use a custom message. If you'd like to contribute an action template to DAO DAO you can do that too!