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Governance proposals

Governance proposals are how DAOs change their state. Governance proposals are composed of three components: a title, a description, and proposal messages.


This is the human-readable title of your proposal. It will appear in voting screens.


This is the human-readable description of your proposal. You can use Markdown syntax for rich formatting.

Proposal messages

Proposal messages are actions that execute when the proposal passes. These messages let you do things like mint new governance tokens, spend from the shared treasury, and more.


Proposal messages are a bit like git hooks. They allow you to execute some action after your proposal passes.

Remember: everyone will be able to see the messages in your proposal!

Your proposal can contain any number of proposal messages.

Spend messages

Spend messages will give some number of tokens from the DAO's treasury to the address specified.

Mint messages

Mint messages will create some number of new DAO governance tokens, putting them in the address specified.


If you want these coins to go into your treasury, put your DAO's address here.

Custom messages

You can add any JSON to a proposal. Perhaps you've deployed a custom smart contract that ingests these data; perhaps there's another part of the stack that you'd like to modify we haven't covered here. The sky is the limit!

Messages should fit the serde-json version of the struct CosmosMsg.