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What is Juno? CosmWasm?

DAO DAO is built on top of the Juno blockchain. Juno is a permissionless blockchain network for deploying cross-chain smart contracts.

The smart contracts that power DAO DAO are deployed on Juno.

What is CosmWasm?

Aside from what we've already mentioned, Juno's killer feature is its support of CosmWasm.

CosmWasm is a WebAssembly virtual machine that runs in a Cosmos SDK module.

Smart contracting in Rust

In practice, this technical stack allows us (DAO DAO) to build smart contracts in Rust. Rust is a performant, memory-safe and thread-safe programming language with a rich type system.

Writing smart contracts in Rust allows us to do better security analysis on our contracts, which in turn protects your DAOs from common attacks.